Nail Services Offered by the Skincare Company Spa & Salon

Nails Manicure

Enjoy natural nail manicures includes shaping, filing along with cuticle work & buffing. Manicure includes a soothing hand massage warm towel wrap and ending with Polish of choice.

Soak, File, Buff, Polish $25
Spa - Massage & Scrub, Paraffin, Cuticle Clean Up $31
French Polish - Add $8 - Add $10 for No Chip
Gentlemen's $23
Pre-Teen (8-11) $15
Polish Change $15
Nails Pedicure

Enjoy a pedicure at our beauty spa. Relax while soaking your feet in a warm footbath followed by the shaping and filing & buffing of the nails, along with any necessary cuticle work. Your pedicure experience includes foot massage, warm towel wrap and flawless polish application.

Soak, Cuticle, File, Buff, Polish $45
Spa - Massage & Scrub, Paraffin, Soak, Cuticle, File, Polish $63
Gentlemen's $38
Pre-Teen (8-11) $20
Detox Foot Bath with Pedicure $65
Detox Foot Bath $35
Polish Change $22
Nails Hair
Gelish - No Chip Manicure

Gels act as an invisible protective layer to your nails. Flawless, sheer and virtually weightless with incredible shine, you won't even know you're wearing gels. Large variety of colors available.

$45 +$11 with Soak Off
Nails Makeup
Shellac No Chip Manicure

Done in less time, goes on like a polish, absolutely weightless and unbelievable shine! Large variety of colors available.

$40 - with Soak Off Add $11.00 / No-Chip Manicure Maintenance (within one week) $10
Nails Pedicure
Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is an all new color overlay system, designed to improve AIR permeability & allowing the nail to 'breathe'. The healthy exchange of moisture vapour and oxygen to and from the nail bed promotes overall nail healthy without damaging the nail bed. Bio Sculpture Base is a medical grade formulation infused with vitamin A & E.

Bio Sculpture No Chip Gel is a flexable gel that enhances the natural nail giving added strength and a no chip nail color that will last for 2-3 weeks without lifting, chipping, or fading. Bio Sculpture Gel will not damage the natural nail. It offers durability, strength, and an easy removal. Contains no solvents, dehydrating primers or binders.

$48 +$11 (Removal charge unless done by us)
Dazzle Dry
Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry is a unique and proprietary four-step system backed up by 30+ years of research and development and is considered a healthy gel alternative. It is vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-yellowing, quick-drying (air-dries in 5 min without the use of reactive chemicals), fortifying, long-wearing, delivering a 7-14 day chip-free wear and removes with regular acetone/non-acetone nail polish remover.

Dazzle Dry is the only system of its kind delivering the high performance of a gel polish without the use of harsh chemicals, UV light, or damage to the natural nail; all while protecting and strengthening the nail over time. Dazzle Dry represents the best of all worlds because of our unique technology. Dazzle Dry is in a category all by itself due to the chemical composition being completely different from any other polish/lacquer on the market today. Dazzle Dry is lacquer reinvented.

Dazzle Dry manicure can last 7-14 days chip-free on hands and a month or longer on toes. Individual experiences will vary depending on lifestyle and how you use your nails. Dazzle Dry is known to last longer than 2 weeks, but we recommend that you remove it at 2 weeks for a fresh manicure and apply oil to your cuticles & nail plate such as Dazzle Dry Mend or Maintain nail and cuticle oil for healthier nails.

Mani $30 Pedi $50


Some of our current specials

Swedish Massage

$60 for your first swedish massage.


$60 First Service

One Hour Facial

An intensive one hour, deep cleansing that is a monthly must. A deep cleansing European treatment of the skin's surface by improving cellular metabolism and problematic skin. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial energy lift massage, and a purifying mask. The results are clean, healthy glowing skin. (New Client Special with Select Technicians) (Please Mention When Booking)