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Microneedling / Micro Channeling

Micro Needling / Micro Channeling Offered by the Skincare Company Spa & Salon

Microneedling / Micro Channeling
Microneedling / Micro Channeling

Micro Channeling "Also known as collagen/elastin induction therapy or microneedling, involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of the skin, combined with stem cell serum therapy, this minimally invasive treatment is virtually painless and extraordinary effective. The sterile, detachable, disposable tools vary in width and sizes to provide the perfect amount of coverage for our clients while reducing any risk of backflow or cross-contamination. Always used in conjunction with Procell stem cell based delivery serum and aftercare serums, to help regenerate overall collagen and elastin.

Clinical Studies have proven this breakthrough treatment achieves better results, shorter healing time than more expensive procedures such as fractional lasers and deep invasive chemical peels. Micro Channeling Procell Therapies is the perfect complement to neurotoxin injections, facial fillers and deeper skin tightening procedures.

The micro-channels created by the microneedling treatment stimulate the body's natural wound healing process, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of aging." Benefits also include; improving skin's overall tone and texture, reducing sun damage & discoloration, minimizing pores, improves scarring (acne, stretch marks, surgical) it enhances penetration of skincare products and creates a fresher appearance and glow. Microneedling can also help with cellulite and hair loss.

Clients need to know that (4-6) treatments are necessary to achieve results! Packages are available. Once all treatments are performed a maintenance program is recommended with 1-3 yearly treatments.

Our Micro Channeling / Microneedling facial treatments deliver results you can see and feel, while providing excellent results and relaxation you expect at the Skincare Company Spa & Salon.

Our aestheticians will do a complimentary skin assessment, which includes a thorough understanding of your daily skin care regimen, lifestyle, diet and habits. The Skincare Company Spa & Salon will provide you with, optimal treatments, customized home care solutions and optimal driven-results for your skin. We offer take home Stem Cell serums to compliment your Micro Channeling treatments.

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Micro Needling
Microneedling / Micro Channeling Important Information/FAQ

How does the system work? This is a 3 step process, first your esthetician performs a painless in office Micro Channeling procedure. Second, the client/patient begins at home aftercare with #2 stem cell healing accelerator serum and #1 cellular renewal serum, serums penetrates the channels created by the procedure to enhance the production of healthy new skin. Third, make your next 4 week treatment appointment.

Who is a candidate? Almost anyone is a candidate for Micro-Needling including rosacea skin. Exception would be someone with extreme reactive sensitive skin. For those looking to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, cellulite, or encourage hair growth, microneedling can offer a minimally invasive solution.

How soon will I see results? Approximately 2-3 days after treatment, however, this can vary depending how quickly your skin heals.

How many treatments will I need? This depends on what you are treating, and how well your skin responds to the treatment.

What can I expect during the procedure? It's a bit uncomfortable during the procedure. The experience is comparable to microdermabrasion.

What areas can be treated? Face & Neck (including under eye). As well as parts of the body.

What needs to be done to prepare? Arrive with a clean washed face & neck. A topical anesthetic is used to help reduce the discomfort, you may have your general md call it into a pharmacy for you and apply 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

How much discomfort will I experience? There will be some discomfort and this will depend on your sensitivity level. Yes, a topical anesthetic is used prior, to reduce discomfort.

How quick is recovery time? How much downtime is needed after? Generally, one day to recover and same day of downtime.

How soon will I be able to return to work? You can return to work the same day.

What will my skin look like after the treatment? Your skin will be slightly red, as if you had a sunburn, typically last a 3-6 of hours.

How soon can I apply Make-up? You can apply make-up the next following day.

How soon can I go swimming? 5 days after treatment.

How soon can I be in the sun? Sun breaks down collagen and elastin, please wear (sunblock) Spf 30 or higher and DO NOT SUN BATHE. Do wear hats and sit in shade.

What makes this micro-needling treatment different from others? What makes this treatment effective and different is 1.) Stem cell serum is applied during and after treatment. 2.) This micro-needling treatment uses a micro-needling stamper vs. pen micro-needling that drags and can cause damage on the skin. Procell Livra tools and stem cell serums are made in the United States of America to ensure consistency in quality.

How are stem cell serums derived? Procell's Livra are derived from donated adult human stem cells and contain a high concentration of natural human growth factors. Human growth factors support cellular renewal and have potent regenerating properties.


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