Traditional Make-Up

Traditional Makeup: Traditional Makeup goes on beautifully and a great amount of detail can be achieved with the use of fine makeup brushes. We include full makeup application plus shadowing and contouring for beautiful effects that come through in photography.

Make-up Application $65+

Bridal Make-up Application $75+

Groom Coverage and Facial Hair Grooming $30+

Teen Make-up Application $35+

Lesson (make-up application & lash) $65+

Airbrush (TV) Make-Up

Airbrush Makeup: Airbrush Makeup is most commonly used for television. It is applied with an airbrush. It is almost misted onto the skin appearing as if no makeup was used while providing full coverage of skin imperfections and uneven skin tone. The results will amaze you and you will make this your preferred choice of makeup for all of your important events.

Make-up Application $75+

Bridal Make-up Application $85+

Groom Coverage and Facial Hair Grooming $40+

All makeup applications are starting price based on consultation.
Bridal application includes skin cleansing, moisturizer, complete makeup application with highlighting, and contouring/shadowing effects for pictures. False lashes available.

Groom application includes SUBTLE coverage of small imperfections / redness / uneven skin tone. There is NO obvious makeup. Includes facial hair gooming.

False Lashes & Tinting

False Lashes: False Lashes are either individual or strip lashes that are easily applied and removed the same day. They are not permanent and are single-use only, usually for an event.

Lash and Eyebrow Tinting: We use vegetable-based tints safe for eyelash brow tinting and have a variety of colors to suit all hair color, deep black, brown and auburn. The tint is applied and left to set for 20 minutes, then removed. The tint makes the lashes darker and gives the appearance of fuller lashes.

False Lash Application $25

Individual Lash Application $35

Eyelash Tinting $26

Eyebrow Tinting $16